How to Buy Prints - SO Photographic, LLC

Thank you for your interest in purchasing one or more of my photos. To purchase a specific photo you will need to call me at (574) 202-1833, or send me an email at Give me the print name, the size you want, and if you want it bare, matted, or framed. Also, feel free to call or email for questions and/or a quote. 

All my photos are limited edition prints, meaning I will not sell more than 300 copies of any specific photo. My  photos are signed by me and annotated on the back with the title of the print, the copyright information, and the print number. (i.e., 1/300, 2/300, etc.)My photos can be purchased in standard or custom sizes, as a print only, as a print with a white mat, or as a print, matted and framed for hanging.

I usually sell prints for the following prices:

Bare 5x7's $17, Matted 5x7's $34

Bare 8X10's $25, Matted 8x10's $49

Bare 11x14's $35, Matted 11x14's $65

Bare 16x20's $49

Frames vary in price and we will need to talk specifics in order to get you a price on a framed print.

If you live in the Goshen, Indiana area, I usually display my prints both framed and unframed, at the Goshen Farmer's Market on Saturdays from 8am to 1pm, and occasionally on Tuesday afternoon from 3pm to 7pm, during the months of May through October.  There are Market days when I am not there. You can follow me on Facebook at or you can call or text me at (574) 202-1833 to see if I will be at the Market on a specific day.  I also have some framed prints for sale at Everence Financial at the north Main Street office, and at Cornerstone Financial on the corner of Main Street and Lincoln Avenue and occasionally at various other businesses around town.